cinnaapple88 (cinnaapple88) wrote in freak_parade,

I am such a big fan of the whole muzic mafia, i've been two B&R concerts and They rock, it is so awesome. I can't wait till their next cd comes out!!
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A Big&Rich fan AND owns a dirtbike, have two things in common already! There's no of us girls out there riding!
Yeah, Big & Rich rocks, and you'd be so surprised to know that john rich write stuff for faith hill (mississippi girl) and keith anderson (pickin' wild flowers) and tons of other songs. Tons of country artists have ties to the muzic mafia.
Yea, I already knew he writes songs for other artists. All of the songs he has written, I absolutely love!
I totally agree!!
I'm happy to see another fan of the Mafia!!!! I love the Mafia, had a chance to hang out with a bunch of them on the 23rd of last month, what an amazing experience!
My question for everyone here: How long have you listened to country music?

Since forever! I was raised on it.
How old are you?

oops...I meant to add: what are some of your favorite artists?