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Hey there. I've been a Big & Rich fan for a while now. I heard Wild West Showon the radio once and thought 'Hmmph, that was kinda cool sounding.' Then I head Save A Horse and thought 'That's enough. I MUST OWN IT!'

So anyway, I went to a Big and Rich CONCERT last night. It was SO AMAZING. They sang a few songs that weren't on the album. Cowboy Troy also sang some with Big & Rich. I'm probably going to buy CT's CD, but I also looked into the Galactic Fan Pack. In the concert, they sang Disco Ball and Blow My Mind (and others, obviously) and those are in the Galactic Fan pack, but they're under Big Al's Buffalo Club Medley. Does that just mix them all together? Or am I allowed to listen to them separetly. Thanks for your help.

Oh, and If you're thinking of going to a concert, GO! IT IS CRAZY AWESOME!
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