~*Please knock before you walk into my dream*~ (kissesforkaos) wrote in freak_parade,
~*Please knock before you walk into my dream*~

cmt.com has the entire Comin To Your City so be sure to take a listen!!

I think the guys have really outdone themselves on this CD, WOW!!!
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Couldn't agree more. I'm listening all day long every day at work, and can't stop myself from smiling. Hot damn I love B&R. Nobody rocks harder right now. I need to have this CD right now. Thank goodness for B&R keeping music wild. It'll blow your mind.
I added you as a friend, feel free to add me back if you so wish to:) I always love meeting mutual big and rich fans:)
Absolutely! We need lots of people to lead the freak parade. Thanks! I added you too. Great to meet you!