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Hey all! I got the Cowboy Troy CD today. It's pretty good -- Big & Rich guest on 3 songs, Tim McGraw & Big Kenny on one, and Larry the Cable Guy introduces one.

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That's great! I'll probably go get my two copies [one's for my friend's birthday *wink*] this weekend. I'm amused that Larry's on there, though.
Oddly enough, Larry isn't mentioned on the back of the CD cover, while all the other guest stars are. Hmm!
That's weird .. is he somewhere in the Thank Yous? Normally they'll credit that kinda thing.
He must be credited somewhere. I didn't read the entire thank you page (just skimmed through to see what Troy said about Big & Rich -- he was nicely complimentary to them).
He has to be .. it'd be rude if he wasn't, and Troy is definitely not rude from what I've been hearing.

Not surprised he complimented B&R. It's cuz of them and Gretchen he's as well known as he is right now.
Yeah, from what little I've seen/read of him, he seems like a nice and humble guy. I hope his CD sells through the roof. :P
I hope so too, I've heard some of his other stuff and I like what I've heard. As long as people are openminded, I honestly think he'll do well.
Let's hope!

BTW, I took a closer look at the CD inserts last night and Troy did thank Larry (4th paragraph of the very big thank-you page). Larry is also mentioned on the "So and so appears courtesy of whatever records" disclaimer. Credit goes where credit is due!
Hells yeah lucky you! lol how much is it? I havent been to the store yet. That sounds awesome is it worth it?
I paid $13.99 at Circuit City; possibly it's cheaper elsewhere. It's a pretty good CD, overall. :)
Really..darn we dont have a circit city around us! Ohh cheaper other places ok then thanks for the info!