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I know its been a while since the CMT Music Awards and all, but w/e I am updating about it now. I was mad they didnt win ne thing! Hell I voted too!!! But they were up for alot, which is more than some artists can say! Im proud of them tho.

Oh yeah and when is Cowboy Troy's CD out? I really wanna get it, I just need to know when to go a-searchin for it lol.

Yeehaw <3
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Troy's CD comes on May 17 so make sure you get your copy that day!
Yeah! When I was watching the CMA, I was SO happy they were up for a lot of nominations! I was angry, though, that they didn't win a thing. If Brooks and Dunn and Gretchen weren't there, I think they could have won Horizon Award, and Best Vocal Duo! Maybe it's just me, I LOVE them to the end of eternity!

They should have been dominated for best CD, too! I have their CD, Horse of a Different Color, and it's WONDERFUL! It has great songs, that are sad, funny! I LOVE Wild West Show, Deadwood Mountain, there is too many! I LOVE all of them! And at the end, after Live This Life, when they talk...well let's just say that was SO Funny!